Promote and Develop Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources in the Eastern Sierra

High Sierra Energy Foundation

The High Sierra Energy Foundation is a nonprofit corporation supported by local individuals, businesses and local government agencies, including the Town of Mammoth Lakes and Mono County. The mission of the Foundation is to promote and develop energy efficiency and renewable resources in Eastern Sierra.

Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative 2013-2014

The Eastern Sierra Council of Governments, representing the City of Bishop, the Town of Mammoth Lakes, Inyo County and Mono County, is proud to announce the launch of the Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative, a multi-agency, local energy partnership between Southern California Edison and the Council.

Serving 13,000 square miles and a population of more than 25,000, the Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative’s innovative approaches will create a culture of energy efficiency that makes sense for our Alpine and Valley environments.

Direct Install Program for Small Businesses

With the assistance of the Partnership, Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative ranked 26th of the 379 communities participating in the Direct Install Program with an average capture rate of 89% and savings totaled just over 1.5 million kWh and 164 kW and just Mammoth Lakes capture rate was 98%. SCE contractors signed up 478 customers and 404 have been constructed with a total of $601,112 spent from Bishop to Bridgeport. The Direct Install program started in August with all retrofits completed in December.

For more information about this program, please visit the SCE website: Small & Medium Business – Direct install or call the High Sierra Energy Foundation at 760.934.4650.

SCE/SCG Mobile-Manufactured Home Program

With the assistance of the Partnership and SCE, Synergy Companies signed up 59 customers for the SCE/SCG Mobile-Manufactured home program in 2011. To capitalize on this year’s accomplishments and for setting the ground work to build awareness, the Partnership working with Synergy Companies will be putting together an outreach case study that will be used to sign up qualified customers for 2012.

For more information about this program, please contact the High Sierra Energy Foundation at 760.934.4650.

The Green Sheet, sponsored by High Sierra Energy Foundation

Click on the Green Sheet to download a pdf. 

To receive our booklet of "Answers For Today", please call the Foundation at 760.934.4650