The LivingWise Program

We have successfully kicked off our ninth year of the LivingWise® program!

Funding is provided by our community partnership, the Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative, Southern California Edison, and Mammoth Community Water District.

The program is designed to supplement the State's 6th grade Earth Science curriculum and the students learn about energy efficiency and water conservation through several activities and field trips, as well as their LivingWise® kits and workbooks.

2014 LivingWise Kit

 This year, with a sponsorship from the Mammoth Community Water District, students were asked to create a public service announcement that related to the extreme drought we are experiencing, and the importance of saving water during the upcoming difficult summer months. Students created unique animations in hopes of passing along their message to others so we can all begin changing our habits and use water wisely.

Here are a few screen shots of some of the students’ efforts and you can check out the full story in the latest edition of the Green Sheet.

For more information about this porgram, please click here to download the 2014 Program Summary Report.

This is a remarkable program that's very well received and I'm honored to be able to implement it each year in Mammoth Middle School!

Pamela Stayden