HSE Summit

Sponsored by the High Sierra Energy Initiative, the powerful partnership between Southern California Edison and Mammoth Lakes, HSEI produced two High Sierra Energy Summits, in 2007 and 2008.  The summits were a weeklong series of courses focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy resources, and were presented in partnership with Edison’s Energy Centers and Cerro Coso Community College.

Similar to the 2007 courses, the 2008 Summit featured highly accredited instructors such as Martyn Dodd from Energy Soft, who lectured on "Title 24 What's New in 2008/2009," Hank Jackson from ETech Solutions discussed "Green Building - Help or Hype," Architect Greg Sharp who illuminated attendees on lighting and ways to decrease costs and improve efficiency, and David Wylie, a mechanical engineer, offered information on how to implement energy efficiency projects as well as updates on the latest in energy technology.  In addition, Ron Smith started every morning of the Summit with a different “Meteorology Overview – Putting Energy into Perspective, " and Ted Flanigan from EcoMotion disussed “Simple Household Tips to Energy Efficiency” and “Solar 201.”

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