Flex Your Power

As a result of our outstanding campaign in 2009, The High Sierra Energy Foundation was awarded an $8,000 grant as a member of the 2010 Flex Your Power Community Outreach Campaign.

Director of the Foundation, Rick Phelps, said the $8,000 grant paid for community events, advertising and generally getting the message of efficiency out to the local public in Mammoth Lakes.  Phelps believes a cultural change must happen to create an awareness of energy efficiency, as he puts it, one light bulb at a time.

Flex Your Power, which was California's first statewide energy efficiency marketing and outreach campaign began in 2001. Flex Your Power was a partnership of California's utilities, residents, businesses, institutions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations working to save energy

Flex Your Power was superseded by Engage 360, a statewide partnership led by the investor-owned utilities under the direction of the California Public Utilities Commission to help all California residents and businesses save energy, reduce greenhouse gases, and support clean energy solutions. Engage 360 continues to collect information on energy rebates and incentives in California. Through this web portal, Energy Upgrade California is now providing that information to customers, and supplementing it with other rebates and incentives from federal, state, municipal and private sources.