Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative

A Multi-Agency Local Energy Partnership encompassing the Town of Mammoth Lakes, City of Bishop and Inyo and Mono Counties.

ESEI represents an expansion of the successful partnership in Mammoth Lakes – the High Sierra Energy Initiative. This initiative is a rurally oriented partnership covering over 13,000 square miles and serving a total population of about 25,000.

ESEI’s scope and objective is to reduce energy use and demand by focusing on three key areas: Establishing a “culture” of energy efficiency, working closely with Southern California Edison to more effectively implement existing programs, and seeking innovative approaches to energy efficiency in our alpine environment

We continue to build on the success of our loca government partnership highlighting several regional energy efficiency accomplishments. Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative has championed energy efficiency activities, including:

Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative: 2010 - 2015

SCE Direct Install Program for Small Businesses

With the assistance of the Partnership, Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative ranked 26th of the 379 communities participating in the Direct Install Program with an average capture rate of 89% and savings totaled just over 1.5 million kWh and 164 kW and just Mammoth Lakes capture rate was 98%. SCE contractors signed up 478 customers and 404 have been constructed with a total of $601,112 spent from Bishop to Bridgeport.

With the success of the Direct Install program in 2011, the program was brought back in 2014.

With the assistance of the Partnership, installations were completed in December 2014 for the Non Residential Direct Install (NRDI) program. The following totals include lighting, refrigeration and window film installation:
Total businesses – 199, total construction amount - $411,612.01
• Mammoth Lakes – 114 businesses, $250,603.33
• Lee Vining – 6 businesses, $5,827.74
• June Lake – 19 businesses, $37,683.34
• Crowley Lake – 4 businesses, $10,779.44
• Bridgeport – 21 businesses, $66,083.77
• Bishop – 35 businesses, $40,634.3

For more information about this program, or other energy saving solutions for your business, please call the High Sierra Energy Foundation at 760.934.4650.

Direct Install for Municipal Facilities

In order to capture available opportunities and demonstrate to the non-governmental community the viability of energy efficiency upgrades, working with Southern California Edison, audits were completed in May, 2014 in Mono County and the Town of Mammoth Lakes.

In September 2014, installations were completed totaling $111,194.24
Mono County; 21 facilities; $73,951 spent; est. $12,925 annual savings
Town of Mammoth Lakes; 11; $37,243; $11,197 annual savings

Energy Efficiency General Plan Amendment

On June 3, 2014, the Inyo County Board of Supervisors approved a General Plan Amendment that updated the Conservation and Open Space Element to include an Energy Efficiency Chapter. It provides policy and direction for energy reduction programs directed at both county and private facilities.

Mono County Solar Projects

In June, 2014, California Solar Initiative (CSI) Rebate checks totaling $8,168 were received for the Lee Vining & Crowley Lake Community Center solar projects in Mono County.

SCE/SCG Mobile-Manufactured Home Program

With the assistance of the Partnership and SCE, Synergy Companies upgraded more than 200 mobile and manufactured homes in 2011 and 2013 in Inyo and Mono Counties with energy efficiency upgrades.

It is estimated that the mobile home communities received a total of $20,832 in capital improvements and services. For more information about this program, please contact the High Sierra Energy Foundation at 760.934.4650.

Plug-Load Sensor Project

In 2012, 271 Plug-load sensors were installed in municipal facilities in the Town of Mammoth Lakes, Inyo and Mono Counties with a total of 30,352 kWh Savings

LivingWise® Program

Introducing more than 900 Mammoth Middle School students and their families to the challenges of energy efficiency and water conservation with the LivingWise® course (Co-sponsored with the Mammoth Community Water District)

Workshops and Classes

Conducting energy efficiency workshops for more than 100 local architects, engineers, contractors and local government officials.