The High Sierra Energy Foundation is engaged in extensive outreach, education and community-based organizational activities, which are an integral part of the Foundation’s work. Through public workshops, the media and school programs the Foundation continues to promote widespread use of renewable energy resources and is committed to working with all stake-holders, local governments and their communities.

The Foundations has conducted energy efficiency workshops for more than 100 local architects, engineers, contractors and local government officials.

Title 24: Where We're Headed with the 2013 Standards Workshop, presented by Martyn Dodd from EnergySoft, LLC and  Demand Response, presented by Southern California Edison. 

Both presentations were held on November 7, 2013, Cerro Coso Community College, Bishop campus with 34 attending including Public Works and Community Development staff from the Town of Mammoth Lakes, Mono County, Inyo County and City of Bishop, as well as architects, engineers and contractors. 

Presentations are available for download for Title 24 Standards and Demand Response.

CALGreen Standards Workshop, December 10, 2010, Cerro Coso Community College, Mammoth Campus - Sponsored by Mono County, Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative, Cerro Coso Community College, Town of Mammoth Lakes

2008 Title 24 Standards Class, September 27, 2010, Cerro Coso Community College, Bishop Campus - Sponsored by the Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative and Cerro Coso Community College, Bishop

High Sierra Energy Summit, Summer 2007 & 2008

Through a partnership with The Town of Mammoth Lakes and Southern California Edison and in collaboration with Cerro Coso Community College, the Foundation produced two High Sierra Energy Summits in Mammoth Lakes.  Both summits were a weeklong series of workshops and courses focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy resources.  

For more details, check out the High Sierra Energy Summit web page.