Through the years, to increase awareness about energy efficiency programs, renewables and other outreach initiatives, High Sierra Energy Foundation has successfully participated in several events in the local communities of Inyo and Mono counties. We have highlighted just a few of the most recent events below

Check out the photo of Charlie Broten from IMACA at the Energy Upgrade California® booth on Saturday, Oct. 4 at the Choo Choo swap meet, Tri-County Fairgrounds in Bishop!

Save Today and Support California's Golden Future!

Energy Upgrade California® booth on Saturday, Sept. 27, at the 2014 Pabanamanina Pow Wow in Bishop.

Save Today and Support California's Golden Future!

Executive Directors Rick Phelps from High Sierra Energy Foundation and Charlie Broten from Inyo Mono Advocates For Community Action.

Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative outreach float in the Mammoth Lakes Independence Day parade, 2014.

SCE Program Manager Michael DeSousa, joining us for Independence Day!

Celebrating Earth Day, 2014 in Bishop City Park with our Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative outreach booth. We succssfully signed up several potential businesses for the Direct Install program.  Featured is Energy Efficiency Programs Director Pamela Stayden.

Eastern Sierra Energy Initiative outreach float in the Bishop Christmas Parade, December 7, 2014. Featured are staff members Vicky Phelps & Pamela Stayden.